OPGA’s Website is Currently Unavailable in Order to Better Serve You in the Future

propaneThe information site of the Oklahoma Propane Gas Association (www.okpropane.org) is being updated and revised. A new and improved website at www.oklpgas.org will be available soon. Until our work is completed, please visit the sites listed below for information about propane including details about generous propane incentives. Customers looking for a propane dealer can visit www.oklpgas.org or www.usepropane.com. Find a Dealer functions are available on both sites. Many of the sites listed below have descriptive titles to help guide your search. For example, www.autogas.org includes information about propane autogas, the world’s most widely used transportation, motor fuel.

For information about the Oklahoma L P Gas Research, Marketing and Safety Commission’s Water Heater and Regulator Rebate Programs, and for other information about clean, safe, and economical propane, please visit www.oklpgas.org.

If you need registration and other information about the summer conference in Fort Worth, please visit www.crossroadspropaneexpo.com. Crossroads: Propane Expo and Conference is a joint effort of the Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma Propane Gas Associations. This first time ever three state event is scheduled for August 2-4, 2014, at the Omni Fort Worth Hotel and Conference Center and the Fort Worth Conference Center . It features a first rate trade show/expo, educational and safety sessions, and a variety of other events designed interest almost anyone including golf, skeet shooting, informative tours, and of course, plenty of opportunities to shop.

For other information about America’s (and the world’s) most widely used alternative transportation, industrial, residential, and agricultural fuel, we encourage you to visit any of the sites listed below. www.propanecouncil.org is the official website of the Propane Education and Research Council. It also offers separate sites and a variety of information about propane autogas (www.autogasusa.org), residential construction (www.buildwithpropane.com), propane safety information (www.propanesafety.com), etc.

For propane facts, figures and details ranging from traditional home heating to cutting edge research about the world’s most versatile and portable fuel source, please peruse any of these sites or look over the dozens of other sites designed to provide you with everything you need to know about the Excellent Energy Source … Propane.

While OPGA’s website is being remodeled and improved, please feel free to visit any of the following sites or you can email OPGA at opga@rhess.com or you can also write us at Oklahoma Propane Gas Association, 4200 N. Lindsay, Oklahoma City, OK 73105. We are also always happy to speak with you by phone. Feel free to call us at (405) 424-1775. We will have our new site up and running as soon as possible. In the interim, we appreciate your patience.

For Propane Facts and Figures as well as other useful information, please check out the following:

www.oklpgas.org www.propanecouncil.org www.crossroadspropaneexpo.com www.autogasusa.org
www.buildwithpropane.com www.propanesafety.com www.npga.org opga@rhess.com


Oklahoma Propane Gas Association, 4200 N Lindsay, Oklahoma City, OK 73105 / 405.424.1775 opga@rhess.com